The Felhunter Chronicles

A haunted one's memoirs

1491 DR, Year of the Scarlet Witch – Waterdeep’s infamous Kalahalak Inn

After several months at sea, I’ve finally arrived in Waterdeep. Hailed as one of the largest port cities along the Sword Coast, it is a place rife with people, money, and most of all, information. For the last 150 years, I have sought a way to rid the world of Ya’iboth – what many human scholars call the Disemboweling Sea of Trees. I have lost much to that twisted place and every night, I feel as though it continues to steal what little I have left.

Ya’iboth. I recall it well – the horrific, alien aberration landed upon Yamock, my homeland almost two centuries ago. It spoke no language, but through its many mouths came forth what we heard as a Song. Mages and historians refer to it as a Ballad, but I know it as a blight of ungodly scale. The Song transformed Yamock into an eldritch hellscape of no comparison on this world. Worse still, it continues to grow and spread like a parasite. I know not how large it has become in these 200 years, but I dare not speculate until I am able to have some chance of slaying it in the first place.

My centuries-long search has yielded little, save for a few pieces of knowledge. I know Ya’iboth to be some incomprehensible being on par with a deity and even the most powerful of mortal magic will not even scratch it.

No. Those who possess even the concept of death cannot hope to end this evil. In order to destroy to this eldritch nightmare, I must needs attain the power to kill a god. I have journeyed far and wide across the expanse of Faerun. But there is one place I have not yet dared to touch…

Hopefully I can finally find the power I need in the dark depths of the earth.


octavesdragonfly Tyonis

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